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Get professional counselling at Town & Country Counselling in Great Yarmouth.


Working With Me

I am open to you bringing along anything that you feel helps you work with your concerns a little more easily. This can be sharing photographs, using pictures, objects and music, the list is not exhaustive. 

I offer a provisional session to potential clients at a reduced rate so that you and I can see whether we feel able to work together.  During this time, I will explain more about my practice, the service I can offer and policies in place.

I believe that each person has the innate human ability to heal themselves, and by offering a supportive, therapeutic relationship during counselling this healing can occur.

  • You may feel more able to cope with life’s situations and others around you.

  • You may find new ways of responding to situations.

  • Relationships with others can improve.

  • Others may notice you are more confident or changes within you.

  • You can feel more at peace with yourself.

  • You may find new ways of dealing with future problems. 

  • You can use sessions as ‘rehearsals’ for what you want to say to others and find ways that feel comfortable for you.

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Town & Country Counselling

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Provisional Session

I offer an open, person-centred approach with no obligation to take up the offer.
You will be able to get a sense of how I work and if you feel comfortable talking to me. It also enables me to check I am the right person to be helping you and how we can work together.
If we do decide to continue, I will provide a counselling agreement and privacy policy that you can take away and read in your own time and return to our first full session.

Session Payments

I aim to offer a clear and transparent payment policy explained as follows: For perspective new clients I offer an initial 45-minute meeting for £20. This session is to see what you want to achieve from counselling and if we feel able to work with one another. 
Standard sessions are £40 for an hour.
Payment is by cash or BACS transfer, payable in advance or during the session.
Sessions cancelled within 48 hours, is charged at half the agreed rate and less than 24 hours, is charged at the full cost.


Get professional counselling

Get professional counselling at Town & Country Counselling in Great Yarmouth.

Personal Development & Growth

Sometimes you don’t feel able to talk to friends and family, or you do not want to worry them. This is when a counsellor can help you, they are not connected to anyone in your family or friends, they are independent and impartial.
By exploring things together, you will be able to find your own way forward. You will develop a greater understanding of your feelings and emotions, find ways to change them if you wish to and accept them and feel able to face life again.

A good therapeutic relationship can enable personal growth, provide the much-needed movement you may be seeking and begin the process towards self-acceptance, by developing self-awareness. Through counselling you can become more familiar with the initial triggers that lead to manifesting unhelpful ways of living and have a greater awareness of your overall wellbeing.
Counselling can be a challenging exploration. I will work alongside you, supporting you in your therapeutic process.